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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

How to Golf - Beginners Golf Tips for First-Time Golfers

How to Golf
Beginner how to golf tips are a great way to get yourself ready for your first time out on the greens, they can prepare you with what you need to know and what equipment you will need. Most first time golfers don’t consider that maybe their bodies are not ready for the sport. You should prepare your body along with your knowledge. Here are a few beginner how to golf tips to help get you started:

Exercise – What Is At The Core Of Your How To Golf Tactic

There are three main exercise components that should be considered with preparing to begin a new sport. Endurance, stamina, and flexibility all will improve while learning to play golf. Still some extra steps should be taken to ensure you are ready for the course.

First beginner how to golf tip for endurance is cardiovascular training. Try walking 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes at a time at a pace just slightly faster than your normal speed. This is enough to raise your heart rate and help get your blood flowing. This also helps to keep you from getting too tired before you’re finished with your first nine holes. It is an easy exercise that can greatly improve your game.

The second beginner how to golf tip is for stamina. When working on your endurance you can also work on your stamina. Start off by walking 30 minutes the first day, 35 minutes the second day, and 40 minutes the third. Slowly increasing your amount of time will help to increase your stamina by strengthening your heart. This will help with your game as well by allowing you to continue walking and swinging without tiring too quickly.

The third beginner how to golf tip is for flexibility. This is very important. Consider your body not being flexible, you will not be able to follow smoothly though your swing, thus causing your ball to fly off in an undesired direction. It would be best to avoid this situation, to do so increasing flexibility will help. Reaching lateral side stretch, stand with feet shoulder width apart and slowly bend to the side reaching over top of your head. Then there is the reaching down triceps stretch. Reach behind your head with hands together and elbows up, and then reach down your back. One more to help is the bent arm shoulder stretch. While standing upright, place one arm across your body, with your arm at a 90 degree angle, and pull your elbow towards your body. There simple stretches will help you improve your flexibility and your golf swing.

Golf Grip – Your Last How To Golf Tip

Now this is an interesting how to golf tip: when it comes to holding your club, there are two ways to hold it. There is the interlocking grip; this is where the index finger of your top hand is interlinked with the pinkie of your bottom hand. This grip is recommended for those who have smaller hands. The other grip is called the overlap, with this grip type instead of interlocking the two fingers, you just overlap them. With practice these grips will become very useful in producing the perfect swing, and then you will feel like you actually know how to golf.

Author’s Note: The exercises above are very basic and give just a bare amount of information. However, you can find loads of iPhone applications that are a great source of information for exercise. You can even find them with step by step instructions and videos to show you just how to do them. With an iPhone app you can have a new exercise everyday that will help keep your golf swing improving.

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How to Golf – Beginners Golf Tips for First-Time Golfers